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2021 Impact Report


Meet loan recipients who’ve benefited from our interest-free loans. Hear why so many people have chosen to support our work to help individuals and families throughout Northern California become self-sufficient.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to all our generous donors! Each donation has a direct impact on someone’s life, and every dollar you give makes a difference!

“This has been one of the most meaningful philanthropic initiatives I’ve ever been involved with.”  Laura Lauder, Donor

“Giving back is about my commitment to my parents, who suffered much and lost much, and my love for the Jewish community. I support Hebrew Free Loan because it’s a high-leverage way to help our community, paying forward funds that give people a hand up and then are repaid to assist others many times over.”  Moses Libitzky, Donor

The help we received from Hebrew Free Loan has been unbelievable. Our loan officer was so comforting, and simplified something that felt overwhelming to us. We were speechless with gratitude when we found out our loan was approved. We couldn’t wait to tell our family!”  Justin Griggs & Tory Eliot, Covid Relief loan recipients

“My daughter returned to our small town during the pandemic, hoping to settle and buy her first house. It was a difficult, year-long search, but she succeeded with the help of our local community here and the broader Jewish community at Hebrew Free Loan. I’m honored to be a guarantor and support this wonderful organization’s commitment to providing interest-free loans to those in need.”  Ellen Searle LeBel, Guarantor

“It was really hard to ask for help, but Hebrew Free Loan treated me with respect and made the process of applying for a loan quick and easy. I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of the Jewish community that has been there for me in my time of need.”  Shelley Kaplan, Covid Relief loan recipient

“Education has always been a top priority in our home, but college costs are high and we have more than one child. Without extra assistance, they would have graduated with substantial debt or might even have needed to forgo valuable opportunities. We’re grateful for Hebrew Free Loan, which has made it possible for our children to pursue higher education. We take pride in knowing that eventually they will be able to give back and help others.”  BD Family, Guarantors

“None of what I’ve accomplished so far would have been possible without Hebrew Free Loan. Their interest-free student and business loans helped me find my path and propelled my career in an upward trajectory. I feel great about the future!”  Paul Kletser, Student loan & Business loan recipient

“When our son was accepted at Princeton, we were astounded and overjoyed. Then came the challenging part: how to pay for it. Hebrew Free Loan is playing an important role in helping our son get an incredible education. He is now a junior, studying physics and theoretical mathematics, and his future is wide open. We are thankful for the assistance Hebrew Free Loan is providing our family.”  Michael Bobell & Rochelle Frank, Guarantors

“Before I found Hebrew Free Loan I was drowning in debt and wasn’t able to save a single dollar. 2020 was a hard year for everybody, but I will always remember the help I got from Hebrew Free Loan as a huge positive in my life. I have new hope for the future.”  Ryma Sukhorukova, Debt Consolidation loan recipient