2022 Impact Report

CLICK HERE to view our 2022 Impact Report!

Meet loan recipients who have benefited from our interest-free loans. See an overview of our year in numbers. Hear why so many people have chosen to support our work to help individuals and families throughout Northern California become self-sufficient.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to all our generous donors. Each donation has a direct impact on someone’s life, and every dollar you give makes a difference!

“Thanks to Hebrew Free Loan’s extraordinary support and compassion, I’m ready to create new possibilities for myself and others. The loans allowed me to feel secure and move forward with joy. I feel lucky to be part of such a values-based, heart-centered community!”  -Carol Hallyn, Emergency loan and General Needs loan recipient

“My late husband, Danny, was a child of the Depression and always regretted that he couldn’t go to college. I created our Permanent Named Fund to honor him and what he would have wanted.”  Sandi Benjamin, Donor

“Hebrew Free Loan provides critical support to people throughout the community who are working hard to pursue their dreams. We take seriously the need to fund the organization’s infrastructure and make sure they have what they need to operate smoothly and efficiently.”  -Fred Isaac, Donor

“We are leaving a large portion of what we own to Hebrew Free Loan after we pass away. It’s nice to leave your wealth to family, but for a true mitzvah, why not help provide interest-free loans to those in need throughout our community? The effects of this good act will continue in perpetuity.”  -Matthew Brooks-Miller & Aaron Louyeh, Legacy Society members