Permanent Named Funds

Donors may create a fund named for them or a loved one with a gift of at least $10,000.  A Permanent Named Fund creates a lasting legacy, as Hebrew Free Loan will preserve the fund’s name in perpetuity and friends and family members may continue to contribute through the fund. While we allow donors at this level to designate their gift for specific purposes, we encourage people to leave their gifts unrestricted so that we may use the money where it is most needed.

tzedakahWe offer the following types of funds:

Unrestricted: An unrestricted fund provides maximum flexibility for the agency to decide where the money can be used most effectively. It is a critical tool which serves to respond to changing community needs.

Donor Restricted: When creating a  fund, your charitable contribution could be restricted to a specific loan category — for example, student, business or adoption.  A small administrative fee may be charged to restricted funds.