Picture a cookie that looks just like your daughter, your parent…or you. That’s right, a personalized cookie crafted in your image. David Parker, founder of Parker’s Crazy Cookies, has mastered this craft of edible art, turning his business idea into a reality with the help of Hebrew Free Loan.

David traces the beginning of his cookie caper to his days as a UCLA graduate student living in Spain. He needed a little extra cash at the time, so he began making cookies and selling them in local stores. People loved them and he had a lot of fun creating them. Returning to the U.S., David settled down, took a job with a toy company, and then had a realization—why not turn his joy of cookie-baking into a new business? He shared his idea with his grandma, Minnette Hamerslag, who had some good advice for him. “Go see my friend, Franny Green,” she told him.

Franny, a past president of Hebrew Free Loan, directed David to Hebrew Free Loan to apply for an interest-free business loan. The rest, as they say, is history.

David met with Hebrew Free Loan and told them about his idea of starting a cookie-making business and showed them his financial plan and business model. Together, they crafted a plan and repayment schedule to make David’s dream a reality. “They saved the day,” said David, “I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Because David lacked prior business experience, he felt he wouldn’t have a qualified for a traditional bank loan. “Hebrew Free Loan was there for me in a time of need.” Besides providing funding, Hebrew Free Loan put David in touch with an attorney and a variety of other resources that enabled him to get his business off the ground. “Hebrew Free Loan does great things for Jewish entrepreneurs,” he said.
David is still amazed that his Jewish community was able to support his entrepreneurial pursuits, “it’s a really wonderful thing,” said David. “I’m a big fan of Hebrew Free Loan!”

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