Business Circle

The Hebrew Free Loan Business Circle mobilizes business owners to help Jewish entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses and to support Hebrew Free Loan’s mission of helping people throughout our community become and remain self-sufficient. We do this by providing interest-free loans (also knows as zero-interest or zero-percent loans) to individuals, families, and small businesses throughout Northern California.

The Business Circle offers networking, mentorship, and professional development to emerging entrepreneurs, and assists our business loan recipients to implement proven business practices. Membership provides many benefits, including complimentary tickets to our in-person and virtual gatherings, such as the annual Business Circle Luncheon, After-Hours Mixers, and other events. CLICK HERE to read more about membership levels and benefits.

Our Food for Thought video series offers conversations with experts from our Business Circle community who share insights and expertise. Their real-world experience provides guidance in navigating a world that has become harder to predict than ever.

Members of the Business Circle come from a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, education, media, insurance, and law. See our Business Directory for more information about the diverse fields that our community encompasses.

To learn more about Business Circle activities or how to join, contact Jamie Hyams at (628) 231-2911 or We appreciate your interest and look forward to speaking with you!

Spotlighted Member

john osterweis capital hebrew free loan
John Osterweis, Osterweis Capital Management

John Osterweis is a man of many talents and passions. He’s the Founder and Chairman of Osterweis Capital Management in San Francisco, a thriving

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Visionary - $25,000/year

Aliyah - $18,000/year

Kavod - $10,000/year

Anonymous Donor

Mensch - $5,000/year

Weitz Medical Management

Double Chai - $3,600/year

Fritzi Realty

Chai - $1,800/year ($1,000 for Hebrew Free Loan Business Loan recipients’ first year of membership)

Elysse Bell