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Permanent Named Funds

1897–2023: A Living Tribute that Lasts from Generation to Generation

The more than 750 Permanent Named Funds listed below were established over the past 125 years by individuals and families who wanted to create a legacy of positive impact in our community. Each one stands as a living, perpetual tribute to the people in whose names the funds were established.

Some of these funds were created as early as 1897, while others were set up only this year. The money donated to Hebrew Free Loan has been used either to make loans directly to people in need, or to support our organizational infrastructure as we carry out this work of providing interest-free loans to members of our community.

With an initial gift of $10,000, you can establish a fund in your name or in honor or memory of someone you care about. You can continue to add to the fund at any time, and you can invite your family and friends to do so. We will track the donations, so you can see how much has been given through your fund.

Collectively, these funds have allowed Hebrew Free Loan to thrive and continue our essential work for the community. If you are interested in establishing a new Permanent Named Fund, would like to make a donation to an existing fund, or wish to change the way your name is listed, please call Jamie Hyams, our Development Director, at (628) 231-2911.


Ernest & Greta Abel Fund

Nathaniel A. & Katherine S. Abel Fund

Dr. Jacob & Goldie Abers Fund

Dr. Jacob Abouav Fund

Jess Abramovitz Fund

Louis Abrams Fund

David R. Abramson Fund

Ruth Adelson Fund

Michael Ainbinder Fund

Kurt & Johanna Albersheim Fund

Aaron A. Alper Fund

Alshvang Family Fund

Dr. A. John Anlyan Fund

Rainer G. Arnhold (Mulago Foundation) Endorsement Fund

Norman Ascherman Fund

Sue Auerbach Fund

Axelrod Family Fund

Karl Bach Fund

Karl Bach – Homestead Savings Fund

Kyle Bach Fund

Shirley F. Baer Fund

Florence M. Baerwald Fund

Barbara & Gerson Bakar Family Fund

Nathan Paul Baker Fund

Endre & Nina Balint Fund

Philip L. Ballen & Henry W. Robinson Fund

Wilfred Ballen Fund

Harry Barish Fund

Leo Barnes Fund

Florence & Lee Bart, Sr., Endorsement Fund

Jack Baskin Fund

Ezra M. & Fanny Battat Fund

Randy & Betsy Baum Family Fund

Simmie & Eric Baum Family Fund

Irwin Bear Family Fund

George Beck Fund

Arthur S. Becker Leadership Award Fund

Arthur S. & Virginia Becker Fund

Arthur S. & Virgina E. Becker Fund for the Elderly

Isidor Bedak Fund

Charles & Rita Eleanor Bendis Fund

Daniel H. & Sandra Joy Benjamin Fund

Harry Berenstein Fund

Shirley & Kalvin Berger Fund

Daniel L. S. Berlin Fund

Dr. & Mrs. Abraham Bernstein Fund

Henry & Sylvia Bernstein Fund

Leona Bernstein Fund

Rea Bernstein Endorsement Fund

Helen & Irving Betz Fund

Bialis Family Foundation Fund

Gerald J. Bierman Fund

Gertrude, Jacob, & Arthur Birnbaum Fund

Ruth Bittman Fund

Jacob & Etta Blachman Fund

Max Al Blachman Fund

Aaron & Marie Blackman Fund

Cantor Julius & Phyllis Blackman, & Beth Amy Blackman Fund

Paul & Susan Blackman Fund

Kate Blanton Fund

Zelig & Bella Blechman Fund


Boris Blinder Fund

Samuel & Rachel Blinder Fund

Louis S. & Edith L. Bloom Fund

Miriam & Leon Bloomberg Family Fund

Elton J. Blum Fund

Regina & Arnold Blum Fund

Theodore T. Blumberg Fund

Leonard & Helene Blumenfeld Fund

Sarah Bella Blumenfeld Fund

Benjamin & Minnie Blumenthal Fund

Dorothy & Harry Blumenthal Fund

Dorothy & Harry Blumenthal Loan Fund

Herbert Blumenthal Fund

Lonnie Blutstein Fund

Leah Marie Boehm Fund

The Book Club Fund

Boxerman Family Fund

Sidney N. Brandis Fund

C. S. Brauer/Ner Tamid Lodge Fund

Hugo & Martha Breidenbach Fund

Miklos Breuer Fund

Jean & Gary Bronstein Fund

Sol & Isabel Brooks; Julius & Lottie Coppersmith, Max Toback, & Anna Friedman Frogel Fund

Samuel L. Brownstein Fund

Rabbi Elliot & Lottie Burstein Fund

Irving M. Burt Fund

Barbara E. Busch Fund

David Bruce Busch, PhD, M.D. Fund

Joseph S. Busch Fund


Julius Blackman Hebrew Free Loan Permanent Named Fund Jewish Legacy Gift
Cantor Julius Blackman, z”l, served as Executive Director of Hebrew Free Loan for 27 years, from 1963–1990.

California Alliance of Jewish Women Fund

Anna Callum & Rose Kobrin Fund

Dr. Bertram Capus Fund

Carmeli Family Fund

Edith I. Cassimir Fund

William Chaikin Fund

Helen B. Chaim Fund

Joseph & Lisa Chait Fund

Robert R. & Toby W. Chait Fund

Pauline & Simon Charlip Fund

Lucille M. Chasnoff Fund

The Cherin Family Fund

Max, Rose, & Shirley Chortack Fund

Malka & Arthur Chronowicz Fund

Katy Clayburgh Fund

Clumeck Foundation Fund

Nathan & Harry Clurman Fund

Rae Clurman Fund

Abe & Belle Cohen Fund

Julius & Harry Cohen Fund

Samuel & Lena Cohen Fund

Cantor Simon G. Cohen Fund

I. Cohn Fund

Milton & Ida Sturza Cohn Fund

Len Cohn Family Fund

Leslie B. Cohn Fund

Millie Cohn Fund

Minnie V. & Manuel B. Cohn Fund

Sadie M. Cohn Fund

Clarence B. & Joan F. Coleman Fund

Sylvan Coleman Fund

Ruth & Ben Colloff Fund

George & Leah Colton Fund

Rebecca Cornet Fund

August & Anne Correa Fund

Cushman Family Fund

Miriam Daniel Fund

Samuel Daniel Fund

Leonie Darwin Fund

Kathryn David Fund

Helen J. Davidson Fund

Milton L. Davidson Fund

Rose Davidson Fund

Catherine Davis Fund

Fay B. Davis Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Myron Dawidoff Fund

Debs Towers Fund

Edward Debs Endorsement Fund

Ruth K. & Jerome Debs Fund

Vera Dembo Lehrer Fund

R. S. Denebeim Fund

Louis W. & Felice N. Dessauer Fund

Mara Diamond Fund

Helen & Sanford Diller Scholarships for Talented Youth

Helen & Sanford Diller Fund

Philip & Rosalie Diller Fund

Jeanne Dinkelspiel Fund

Sarina Djerassi Fund

Harold S. Dobbs Fund

Ortrud & Jack Dombrower Fund

The Domoi Fund

Dori & Barry Dubin Fund

Lillian Dublin Fund

David Heller & Betsy Eckstein Fund

Samuel H. Edelman Fund

George & Pauline Edelstein Fund

Henry Eisen Fund

Mary Joe & S. Robert Elman Fund

Leo Epp Fund

Louis & Gertrude Epp Fund

Miriam R. Epstein Fund

Benjamin Estrin Fund

Diana Cohen & William Falik Family Fund

Menachem Cohen founder of Hebrew Free Loan
Menachem Cohen, z”l, was an original founder of Hebrew Free Loan and served as President from 1897–1900.

Al Farber Fund

Dr. Anita E. Faverman Fund

Mark Feldman Fund

Max & Ruth Feldman Fund

Wendy & Mark Feldman Family Fund

David Fenster Fund

Dr. Alan & Carole Fibish Fund

Lena & Harry H. Field Fund

Leo & Jean Fields Fund

Fine & Performing Arts Fund

Helen Fireman Endorsement Fund

Samuel L. Fireman Student Loan Fund 

Samuel L. Fireman Fund

Lillian & Bernard Fishbein Fund

Samuel & Clara Fishel Fund

Max Fishman Fund

Dr. Martin Fleishman Fund

Adolf & Bertha Fliesler Fund

Sara & Bill Foerder Fund

Louis Fractenberg Fund

Pauline Frank Fund

Rinat Frankle, Mor Frankle, & Maya Frankle Fund

Donna Franzblau Fund

Herbert I. Freedman Fund

Dr. Myron A. & Rosalind K. Freilich Fund

Fried Family Fund

Emma Ann Fried Fund

Amy & Mort Friedkin Family Fund

Nathan Friedkin Fund

Jennie Friedman Fund

Nathan J. & Virginia H. Friedman Fund

Sidney Friedman Fund

Sol & Fay Friedman Fund

William S. Friedman Fund

Janie & Don Friend Family Fund

Joseph & Ida Friend Fund

Fromm Family Healthcare Loan Fund

Herman & Emma Fuchs Fund

Esther D. & Efroim J. Ryzower Family, & Blima & Leib Fudalowicz Family Fund

Furst Family Fund

Otto & Lisa Furth Fund

Flora Galland Fund

Millie & Leon Gansel & Children Fund

Susan & Howard Geifman Fund

Julius, Tom, & Bruce Geller Fund

Michael Sol Gerber Fund

Bertha, Michael, & George Gherman Fund

Leon M. & Helen F. Gilbert Fund

Jordan & Shira Gill Family Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Ginsberg Fund

Morris & Della Givot Student Supplies Fund

Morris & Della Givot Student Loan Fund

Sophie Glaubinger Fund

Leo Gluckstadt Fund

Judith Ann Gold Fund

Dr. Rubin Gold Fund

Samuel L. Gold Fund

Israel Goldanski Fund

Daniel & Tanette Goldberg Fund

J. Eugene & Faye Barrett Goldberg Family Fund

Eugene & Faye Barrett Goldberg Endorsement Fund

Jacob & Mamie Goldberg Fund

Louis R. Goldberg Fund

Rebecca & Jacob Goldberg Fund

Samuel J. Goldberg Fund

Louis Goldberger Fund

Beverlee Goldbrener Fund

Hilda & Robert Golden Family Fund

Goldie Golden Fund

Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund

Richard E. & Traci M. Goldman Family Fund

Sybil, Henry, & Babette Goldsmith Fund

Dr. Burton David Goldstein Fund

Frances Goldstein Endorsement Fund

W. J. Levin  & L. S. Goldstein Fund

Jean Goldstone-Zemel Fund

Dr. Alfred J. Goldyne Fund

Irving & Bernice Gollober Fund

David & Fannie Golub Endorsement Fund

Frances B. Goodheart Fund

Lee H. Harris & Anna K. Goodman Fund

Jack Goodman Endorsement Fund

Anne & Benjamin Goor Fund

Esther Gootherts Fund

Gordon/Hammer Fund

Barbara C. Gorin Fund

Charles Gottfried Fund


Margaret Gottfried Fund

Ethel S. Gould Fund

Rena & Morris Grand Fund

Stephen & Nancy Grand Fund

Neil Grant Fund

William H. & Frances D. Green Fund

Margaret Stahl Greenberg Fund

Hyman & Dora Greenfield Fund

Frances Greenhood Fund

Danny & Gregory Greenhouse Fund

Nathan Z. Greenhouse Fund

Rachel & Samuel Greenhouse Fund

Ena & Walter Griesbach Fund

Julius & Bertel Kaufmann, & Ellen K. Grimes Fund

Elizabeth & Hans Gronowski Fund

Marilyn Green Gross Fund

Nathalie & Edwin A. Gross Fund

Sylvan D. Gross Fund

Bertha A. & Harry N. Grossman Fund

Len Cohn Hebrew Free Loan
Len Cohn, z”l (middle), with his wife Robbie Cohn (right) and Annette Dobbs (left). Len served on Hebrew Free Loan’s Board of Directors for many years and was President from 1999–2001.

Simon Grossman Fund

Milton Grunbaum Fund

Wilhelm Guen & Rosa Guen Fund

Rabbi Berek Gurman, Mr. Noson Gurman, & Mrs. Sarah Gurman Fund

Lucille & Rudolph Guttmann Fund

Nahum Guzik Fund

Abraham Haas Fund

Ernst B. & Hildegarde Haas Fund

Maurice T. Hamberger & Tina C. Hamberger Fund

Salek H. Hamer Fund

Edith Hammerslough Fund

Rose Handler Fund

Vera Hardy Fund

Dorothy Harkavy Fund

Betty & Bernard Harlick Fund

Esther & Norman Harris Fund

Jerome A., Mervyn R., & Arthur A. Harris Fund

Morris Harris Fund

Joseph & Hanina Harrosh Fund

Sophie E. Haut Fund

Sanford & Lois Heisler Fund

Clarence E. Heller Fund

Fay Hoffman & Fannie Heller Fund

Sam & Bessie Heller Fund

Vera C. Hendry Fund

Fannie Sugarman Heppner Fund

Dr. Maurice Heppner Endorsement Fund

Justin Hersh Fund

Sylvan Hersh Fund

Harold Heskins Fund

Jules & Sally Heumann Fund

Vernon & Eve Heyman Fund

Ernest W. Hirschfeld Fund

Mimi & A. Arthur Hirschhorn Fund

Miriam W. Hise Fund

George I. & Sophie Hoffman Fund

Louis & Bess Hoffman Fund

Miles Horvath Hoffman Fund

Ruth & Harland Hoffman Fund

Daniel W. & Betty Hone Fund

Anita Horn Fund

San Francisco Humanities, Inc., Fund

Bernard Hurwitz Endowment Fund

Joseph Hyman Fund

Seymour & Marcy Hyman Fund

Iberian-American Fund

Rabbi Maurice L. Idell Fund

Mary (Hirsch) & Robert B. Imberman Fund

Ray & Meyer Inkeles Fund

Milton & Dorothy Ironson Fund

Marvin Iscoff Fund

Charles H. & Shirley A. Israel Fund

Harold & Pearl Jacobs Fund

Mae Jacobs Fund

Jack Jacobson Fund

James Jacobson Fund

Samuel Jacobson Endorsement Fund

Burton & Zella Jaffe Fund

Marlene Mae Jaffe Fund

Richard S. E. Johns Fund

Hermanie B. Jonas Fund

Jim Joseph Fund

Alex Kahn Fund for Special Needs

Roz & Donald Kahn Fund

Lawrence & Fay Kahn Fund

Zel R. & Anita Kahn Fund

Board of Directors (old) Jewish Legacy Fund
Hebrew Free Loan’s Board of Directors meeting in the mid-20th century

Dr. & Mrs. Jacob Kajdan Endorsement Fund

Minnie & David Kallin Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Kalmans Fund

Gerda I. Kamnitzer-Melor Fund

Hannah Kanbar Fund

Dorothy R. Kaplan Fund

Rachel & William Kaplan Fund

Estelle A. Karliner Fund

Alfred & Anna Karp Fund

Fred & Beth Karren Family Fund

Helen D. Katz Fund

Norman N. Katz Fund

Lillian & Solomon Katzen Fund

Henry H. & Joan (Inge) Kaufman Business Loan Fund

Henry H. & Joan (Inge) Kaufman Fund

James G. Kaufman & Bertha P. Kaufman Fund

Celia Kaufmann Fund

Kavod Fund

Dr. Bruno J. Keith Fund

Eric Kermit Fund

Elsie Kernfeld Fund

Benjamin M. & Minnie Kershaw Fund

Ethel Kertz Fund

Dora Kewman Fund

Lauren & David Kiferbaum Business Loan Fund

Lauren & David Kiferbaum Fund

Ruth Kingsley Fund

Murray Kirp Fund

Ruth C. Kirp Fund

Nathan Kirshenbaum Endorsement Fund

Candee & Jack Klein Fund

Irving & Ray Klein Fund

Larry & Sherrie Klein Fund

Adina Kletter Fund

Mervyn P. & Mollie Kletz Harris Fund

Emil Knopf Endowment Fund

Naomi Koch Estess Fund

Dr. Oscar Koffman Fund

Kol Shofar Endorsement Fund

Bella Komanovsky Fund

Vivian & Sidney Konigsberg Family Fund

Koret Foundation Fund

Marian Kaplan & Henrietta Kornblum Fund

Dr. Samuel & Zelda Kramar Fund

Dora Kramer Endorsement Fund

Krieger/Epp Family Fund

Nicholas & Eleanor M.C. Kurtz Endorsement Fund

Charles Dubbs–Martin Labe Fund

Virginia Ladensohn Fund

Laura Ladner Fund

Donald G. Lamp Fund

Stanley Langendorf Fund

Jack Langsam Fund

Meyer & Feyge Langsam Fund

Rose Leah Langsam Fund

Sam Langsam Fund

David Landau/Lodge 641 Fund

Beverly Bernice Laufer Fund

Jacob Layne, Herman & Sylvia Layne Fund

Phillip Lazzar/Humboldt County Fund

Harry & Adele Leder Fund

Rubin K. & Jill Lee Fund

Viola & Milton Lees Fund

Sylvia & Henry Leff Fund in Honor of Vianna Naomi Newman

Julian & Emmy Lefort Fund

Warren Lefort Fund

Dr. Sigmund & Adelheit Lehmann Fund

Lenore R. & Norman H. Lehrer Fund

Aaron Shenson Hebrew Free Loan
Aaron Shenson, z”l, was Hebrew Free Loan’s second President from 1900–1901. His great-grandson, Fred Levin, has created a Permanent Named Fund to support Hebrew Free Loan and pay tribute to his great-grandfather.

David & Ray Leibel Fund

Basheva Amalia Leiser Fund

Betty & Herbert Leland Fund

Leslie Family Fund

Aaron Lesser Fund

Aaron Lesser Endorsement Fund

Jacob Lesser Fund

Ursula Lesser Fund

Dr. Fayne Leventhal Fund

Abe Levin Fund

Anna B. & Irving Levin Fund

D. Derek Levin Fund

Ester Levin Fund

Howard William Levin & Ira Paul Levin Fund

Jesse & Rose Levin Fund

Julian Levin Fund

Dr. Samuel & Gladys Levine Fund

Benjamin & Florence Levinson Fund

Ben Levy Fund

Erna Levy Fund

Louis M. Levy Fund

Adolph & Lillian Lewis Fund

Erma Lewis Fund

Marion E. Lewis Fund

Meyer Lewis Fund

Tillie Lewis Fund

William N. Lewis Fund

Renee Ann Linder Fund

Salomon & Rebekkah Linder Fund

Blanche Lindner Fund

Margaret Lion Fund

Lawrence S. Lipkind DDS Fund

Alexander Lissauer Fund

Edith & Joseph Litovchik Fund

Eric & Greta Livingston Fund

Fred M. Loeb Fund

Eva Lokey Family Fund

Los Gatos Meadows Fund

Roger Low Family Fund

William & Fern Lowenberg Fund

Bertram Harry Lubar Fund

Judith & Stanley Lubman Student Loan Fund

Judith & Stanley Lubman Emigre Loan Fund

Helen Lupescu Fund

Esther Lutz Fund

Ruth W. & Morton Macks Fund

Elenora Maclure Fund

Moses & Dora Maisler Fund

Joseph Maloff Fund

Sy Maltzer Fund

B. G. Mannheimer Endorsement Fund

Rabbi Dr. Ben Marcus Fund

Sidney & Sylvia Margoles Fund

Joe & Bella Marguleas Fund

Beatrice Marks Fund

Eric S. Marshall

Vladimir Martin Fund

Dmitry Lomazov & Stella Mashkevitch Fund

David Meer Fund

Miriam W. & David Mendell Fund

Leon & Sylvia Mesirov Fund

Eva Metzger Fund

Maud N. Meyer Fund

Hermann & Trude Meyer Fund

Mairin & Isaiah Meyer Fund


Sharon and Jack Levin permanent named fund legacy gift
Sharon and Jack Levin created the Howard William Levin and Ira Paul Levin Fund to build a legacy that would honor the lives of their son Ira, who passed away at 14, and their son Howard, who passed away at 44. May their memories be a blessing.

Milton & Sophie Meyer Fund

Mandle J. & Annette Mierbach Fund

Max & Katie Mieseles Fund

Louis Miller Fund

Louis Miller Endorsement Fund

Ruth & Eugene Millman Fund

Morton Mills Fund

Robert & Gertrude Mills Fund

Frances Jeanette Milsner Fund

Florence B. Mintz Fund

Phyllis K. Mitchell Fund

Charles & Ida Mittelman Fund

Susan Wildberg Morgenstein Fund

Esther Pearl Morse Fund

William Moskovitz Fund

Anna Mahali Moskowite Fund

Noah Nacamulli Loan Fund

Ann & Joseph Nadel Fund

Rose & Nate Narin Fund

Sherman & Betty Naymark Fund

Ernst Newberger Fund

Arthur A. Newhouse Family Endorsement Fund

Jerome H. & Raidelle E. Newman Fund

Louis & Loraine Newman Fund

Richard H. Newman Fund

Samuel Newman Fund

Pauline Newman-Gordon Fund

Matook Mordecai & Flora Nissim Fund

Annise J. Norman Fund

Helen Novak Fund

Walter Novak Fund

Irene & Gerald Ornstein Fund

Jack & Minette Ornstein Fund

Charlotte Osserman Fund

Morris L. Ostrach Fund

Gertrude Ostroff Fund

William S. & Shola Ostrow Fund

Ot Am Student Loan Endorsement Fund

Janis & Dr. Leo Paslin Fund

Lawrence & Miriam K. Peckler Fund

Joseph & Eda Pell Fund

Leon Pelta Fund

Max Pelzner & Family Fund

Sophie & Morton Pelzner Fund

Joy & Harold Pergamit Fund

Norman Perlman Fund

Ingeborg & Baruch Petranker Family Fund

Charles G. Peyser Fund

Gussie & David Peyser Endorsement Fund

Jefferson E. Peyser Fund

Lorna B. Phenix Fund

Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fund

Phillips Family Fund

Henry Picard Fund

Bessie & Samuel M. Pincus Fund

Thomas & Carol Platner Fund

Sydney Plottel Fund

William Z. & Fay Polse Fund

Julia & David Popowitz Family Fund

Portnov Family Fund

Ruth Prager Fund

Nancy Weil Price Recession Fund

Harry & Flora Raben Fund

Irving Rabin Fund

Mollie & Joe Raful Fund

Molly Rantanen Fund

Moses Aaron Rapken Fund

Dr. Jack & Ida Lee Diener, & Maurice & Sonia Rappaport Fund

Bernard & Ruth Raskin Healthcare Loan Fund

Bernard & Ruth Raskin Strategic Planning Fund

Fred Rau Fund

Esther Redel Fund

Leah & Abe Margulies, Abraham & Chava Reich Fund

Joseph H. Reich Fund

Stephan Reichsthaler Fund

Mildred Reinhertz Fund

Johanna, Steven, & Elizabeth Resnick Fund

Jacques & Esther Reutlinger Endowment Fund

Jacques & Esther Reutlinger Fund

Raye Shapiro Rich Fund

Paul & Sheri Robbins Family Fund

Paul & Sheri Robbins Family Unemployment Loan Fund

Bennett L. Robinson Fund

Henry W. & Nettie Robinson Fund

Joseph Robinson Endorsement Fund

Michael & Beverly Rochelle Fund

Arthur Rock Fund

Cindy Rogoway & Joe Goldberg Family Fund

Jan & Jerry Rogoway Fund

Dr. Samuel Roland Fund

Sam Rosberg Fund

Tirza Rothchild Rose (Gemilut Chesed–Loving Kindness) Endorsement Fund

Dorothy Rosen Fund

Florence Maisler Rosen Fund

Dr. Henry Rosen Fund

Martha Rosen Fund

Michael David Rosen Fund

Murray Rosen Fund

Roselyn Rosen Fund

Adolph Rosenberg Fund

Richard & Barbara Rosenberg Fund

Estelle & Dr. Gordon Rosenblum Fund

Otto Rosenstein & Paula Schoenholz Fund

Augusta Rosenthal Fund

Leonard & Pearl Rosenthal Fund

Steven S Rosenthal Fund

Pearl & Sarah Rosner Endorsement Fund

Harry Lee & Rhea Ross Fund

Louis Ross Fund

Minnie Ruben Fund

Rubenstein Family Fund

Esther S. Rubin Fund

Alexander Rubin Fund

Ida & David Rubin Fund

Leonard Rubin Fund

Harry & Goldie Rubnitz Fund

Harvey & Kathryn Rudman Fund

Arthur H. Rummelsburg Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sade Fund

Dr. Simon & Mrs. Julia Sagh Fund

Leo Samson Fund

Michael & Maureen Samson Fund

San Bruno Free Loan Fund

Jewish Women’s Loan Fund

San Jose Free Loan Association Fund

Reuben Sand Fund

Fred & Miriam Sanders Fund

Arthur Scharf Fund

Charlotte & Bernie Scheier Fund

Ethan Schermer Fund

Julius Scheuer, Inge Scheuer Wolf, & Alice Scheur Fund

Fanny & Alexander Schlocker Fund

Kantrovitz Loan, 1905 Hebrew Free Loan Living Tribute Permanent Named Fund
Historical business loan application from Max Kantrovitz, 1905

Linda Schlossberg Fund

Charles Schneider Fund

Mary & Abraham Schnitman Fund

Mary & Abraham Schnitman Fund for Emigres

Schoenwald Family Fund

Charles W. Schonfeld Fund

Gail & Jonathan Schorsch Fund

Albert L. & Janet Schultz Fund

Albert L. & Janet Schultz Endorsement Fund

Agnes Berenstein Schwartz Fund

Alice & David Schwartz Fund

Harold Schwartz Fund

Harry Schwartz Fund

Hildegard Schwartz Fund

Joseph S. & Philip L. Schwartz Fund

Robert Schwartz Fund

Maurice Seaman Fund

Patricia Greenhouse Seaman Fund

Joseph & Rebecca Seidenfeld Fund

Moses & Henrietta Selig (Homewood Terrace) Fund

Benjamin & Mayme Serbin Fund

Jewish Women’s GRANT Fund

Bernard Shanker Fund

Fela & David Shapell Family Fund

Dana & Gary Shapiro Family Fund

Dana & Gary Shapiro Family Fertility Loan Fund

Rachel Heather Bendis & Charles Elliott Bendis Sheinin Fund

Eric Hay & Mary C. Shekury Fund

Irving Shenkarow Fund

Fred Levin Fund, in Memory of Great Grandfather Aaron Shenson, 2nd President of Hebrew Free Loan

Esther & Louis Sher Fund

Ed & Betty Sherman Fund

Theda, Frances, Gordon, & Harry Shifs Fund

Frieda Weingarten Schletter Fund

Bella & Israel Shragge Fund

Mollie E. & A.J. Shragge Fund

June & Oscar Shreibman Fund

Dr. Leonard J. Shustek Fund

Freema Shwartz Fund

Evelyn Shweid Endorsement Fund

Shwiff & Wasserman Family Fund

Leon Harry Siegel Fund

Marco Silberschatz Fund

Marc Silver Fund

Barney & Rose Silverman Fund

Ruth & Mervyn Silverstein Fund

Joan B. Morganstern Simms Fund

Joan Barbara Morganstern Simms Fund

Sinai Memorial Chapel Fund

Aksana Nicole & Dina Lauren Singer Fund

Sue Singer Fund

Harold Skootsky Fund

Daniel Sloan Fund

Mollye Plotka & William Revel Smolkin Fund

Abe Snyder Fund

Augusta Sobel Fund

Joyce & Sam Sokolik Endorsement Fund

Dr. Bernard S. Sorkin Fund

Sosnick Family Fund

Celia & Melvin Sosnick Fund

Gedaliah & Mahla Sosnick Fund

Alexander S. & Aranka Turk Spencer Fund

Waxman's Pharmacy Living Tribute Fund Permanent Named Legacy
Waxman’s Pharmacy, San Francisco, business loan recipients

Morris Spiegelman Fund

Alfred & Ruth Sporer Fund

Arthur & Dorothy Stadt Fund

Lucile R. Steen Fund

Gerald F. & Anita Steinacher Fund

Ruth Arnhold Steiner Fund

Gussie & Samuel H. Stern Fund

Mrs. Regina Stern Fund

Hal Stoll & Family Fund

Alvin Stolowitz Fund

Jack B. & Rose Stolowitz Fund

Albert E. & Leah Strauch, & Milton Strauch Fund

Melvin & Sylvia Straus Fund

Eduard & Louise C. Strauss Fund

Irene Strauss Fund

Lawrence H. & Sallie E. Strauss Fund

Grete W. Spitz & Louis H. Stricker Fund

Julius Strober Fund

Eugene P. Shafton, M.D, Kent N. Gershengorn M.D., & Brian L. Strunk, M.D. Fund

Klemens & Herta Stuckgold Fund

Edward & Bernice Sugarman Fund

Rachel & William Sugarman Fund

Charles Elias Sumberg Fund

Samuel & Cora Susselman Fund

Robert M. Sutton Fund

Annie E. Sweet Fund

Joyce B. Talal Fund

Leonard & Rae Talenfeld Fund

Abraham Shor & Phil Tarr Fund

Robert M. Taubman Fund

Rose & Isaac Taylor Fund

Oscar Temple Fund

Meyer, Leah, & David Terkeltaub Fund

William & Claudia Thoshinsky Fund

Ethel & Ed Tishler Fund

Mitchel Tobin Fund

Justice Matthew Tobriner Fund

The Toole Family Fund

Sooky Trattner Fund

Bob Sosnick & Rabbi Jacob Traub Fund

Ina & Ronald Trugman Fund

United Order of True Sisters, Lodge No. 44 Fund

Unity Lodge No. 273 B’nai B’rith, Nathan Mendelowitz Fund

Albina & Yuly Vilderman Fund

Herta & Isidor Wachs Fund

Amy W. Waldeck Fund

Herman W. Waldeck Fund


Anna & Herman Waldman Endorsement Fund

Edward & Ida Waldman Fund

S. J. Waldman Fund

Rebecca Wallace Fund

Else Walles Fund

Dr. Samuel H. Waxler Fund

Noel & Sandra Waxman Fund

Noel & Sylvia Waxman Fund

Tom Weber

Henry & Mary Weil

Rose Lustig Weil Fund

Max & Mollie Weiman Fund

Max & Mollie Weiman Endorsement Fund

Roschelle & William Weiman Fund

Nat & Rose Weinberg Life Cycle Loan Fund

Nat & Rose Weinberg Student Loan Fund

Nat & Rose Weinberg Endorsement Fund

Bella Weinberger Fund

Max & Erica Weingarten Fund

Max & Erica Weingarten Student Loan Fund

Shicku Weininger Fund

Abraham H. Weinstein Fund

Norene & Baron Weiss Fund

William Gabriel Weiss Fund

William G. Weiss Endorsement Fund

Lawrence Weissberg Fund

Max & Rose Weissberg Fund

Carol Weitz Fund

Dr. Henry R. Werdegar Fund

Herman & Erna Wertheim Fund



Leopold & Paula Weschler Fund

American Jewish Congress/Rabbi Saul E. White Fund

Samuel Wildman Fund

Leonard B. Wilker Fund

Charles Wine Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Herman Winetrub Endorsement Fund

Sadie P. Wise Fund

Morris & Antoinette Wisefield Fund

David & Gerda Wodlinger Fund

Walter Wohlfeiler Fund

Fannie B. Wolf Fund

Bernard Woloski Endorsement Fund

Mordecai Wolper Fund

Natalie & Daniel Wong New Dor Fund

Yehuda & Amalia Rosner, Edward & Molly Yenelow Fund

Merton A. Yolles Fund

William & Sylvia Zale Foundation Fund

Wolf B. Zasnikoff Fund

Peter Zeavin Fund

Guenther Zimmerman Fund

Judy & Steve Zimmerman Family Fund

Alice & Arthur Zimmerman Endowment Fund

Jacob & Anna Zimmerman Fund

David & Gussie Zizmor Fund

Zoger Family Fund

Rabbi John J. Zucker Fund

Ray Zucker Fund

Daniel C. Zuckerman Fund

Kenneth Carlton Zwerin Fund

Simon & Blanche Zwern Fund