Full Circle Club

Hebrew Free Loan’s Full Circle Club consists of former loan recipients who support Hebrew Free Loan and spread the word about its services.

Individuals are recognized as Full Circle Club members when they make donations to the agency. If you have received and repaid a Hebrew Free Loan, please consider paying forward the help you received.


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Our Steering Committee members come from all walks of life and represent diverse parts of our community, but are all former loan recipients who are helping to build the Full Circle Club because Hebrew Free Loan made such a difference in their own lives.

To learn more, contact Jamie Hyams, Development Director, at (415) 546-9902 x106 or email jamie@hflasf.org.

Joshua Schwartz & Joel Villalon

Joshua Schwartz isn’t the only person who came to San Francisco on a visit and loved the city so much he decided to stay.

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Alex Rayter

Alex Rayter is the Hebrew Free Loan 2017 Distinguished Loan Recipient Honoree. He’s also a member of our Full Circle Club, supporting the agency

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Making a Life in Music: Benjie’s Story

Benjie Kushins first learned of Hebrew Free Loan when he was in middle school, longing for his first drum set. His grandfather said that

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Steve Grau

Steve Grau is the Hebrew Free Loan 2015 Distinguished Borrower Award Recipient. He’s also a member of our Full Circle Club, supporting the agency

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Sieva Kozinsky

Sieva Kozinsky and Jeff Silverman teamed up to launch StudySoup, a browser based, interactive course material platform in March 2012. An interest-free business loan

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