Jonathan Kaufman, Mike Berkowitz and Daniel Kaufman had a vision to redefine the way the college search process works. Together, they harnessed their creativity and developed a complex tool to identify the factors that determine how to appropriately match a prospective student and a college. Armed with the prototype of the website, determination, and a creative business plan, the three turned their attention to financing their business. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for them to cross paths with Hebrew Free Loan.

“We had secured some financing, but needed a good chunk more in order for us to launch,” said CEO and co-founder Jonathan Kaufman. “Since there is no point in under-financing an idea, we approached Hebrew Free Loan for help.”

“From early on it became clear that this was a good partnership,” said Kaufman in regards to his relationship with the agency. “We’re really excited to be working with Hebrew Free Loan because we see it as financing and a thought partner—not just financing.”

The agency approved their request for a $50,000 business loan and the three men went straight to work launching their company, Perfect College Fit. They used their loan to build their website, get marking material, incorporate the company, and hire a bookkeeper.

“We knew that our business wasn’t going to generate money immediately, so we really needed the loan to allow us to get by for a little while.”

Remarking on the process of applying for the loan, Kaufman called it “insanely easy and remarkably stress free.” “We followed it step by step, and while it required a commitment, it did not take up a lot of brain power, so we were able to continue to work and develop our program while securing our financing simultaneously.”

“We are so grateful. We have no doubt in our mind that we would be unable to launch our business without the help of Hebrew Free Loan.”

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