Greg considers himself lucky to have the opportunity to get up at 3 AM, seven days a week, to start a work day that will easily last for 16 hours. That’s what it takes to make sure the Bay Area’s only Philz Coffee Truck is onsite by 6 AM, ready to supply workers in San Francisco’s Financial District with their daily coffee. The truck operates on Sansome between Bush and California during the week and at the Marina Green on weekends.

Greg had been a manager at Philz Coffee since the early days, and although he loved his job, he dreamed of owning his own business. The son of immigrants, Greg used all of his savings and raised funds from family and friends to cover start-up costs. But he still didn’t have enough to buy and outfit the truck itself, until he got a business loan from Hebrew Free Loan. Two years’ later, Philz Coffee Truck is a thriving, independent enterprise that employs 13 people. “It’s incredibly hard work,” Greg says, “but I wouldn’t have it any other way. With the help of Hebrew Free Loan, I get to stay connected to Philz Coffee and build my own business at the same time.”

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