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Daniel Klein’s maternal grandparents were Holocaust survivors who immigrated from Germany after the war, ending up in Bakersfield, California. Their survivors’ story instilled in him a deep connection to Judaism and the importance of Israel.

Daniel also learned a strong work ethic from their refugee experience. His grandparents started out not knowing the language and cleaning other people’s homes. Soon they were selling shoes, then owning shoe stores, and eventually they established themselves as real estate owners. They always remained appreciative of the opportunity they received to build a life for their family in the U.S., and they were quick to give back to the country and community that gave them so much.

Knowing what his family went through is a large part of Daniel’s motivation to help strengthen Israel and support the local Jewish community. It has led to his position at Israel Bonds, where he’s Executive Director for the Pacific Northwest. Daniel helps individuals, corporations, and nonprofit organizations purchase Israel bonds to add to their portfolios, give as gifts or charitable donations, and build the future of Israel at the same time.

Daniel always remembers how philanthropic his grandparents were, how important it was for them to make things just a little bit easier for Jews and others in the community. He’s known about Hebrew Free Loan for many years, and the organization’s commitment to easing life’s burdens for people who are struggling resonates deeply with him.

Daniel was impressed with how Hebrew Free Loan jumped into action when Covid-19 hit, and he and his wife — parents of five children, including a set of identical twins — donated their family’s stimulus check to the agency.

Daniel recently went a step further, spearheading a donation from Israel Bonds to become a member of the Hebrew Free Loan Business Circle. Through the Business Circle, Daniel and Israel Bonds are helping to make it possible for people to receive interest-free loans that allow them to buy a car to get to work, pay for dental work that brings relief from constant pain, or address other pressing needs. Giving to Hebrew Free Loan was an easy and meaningful way to help get resources into the hands of those most in need.

“Hebrew Free Loan serves a critical role in our community by removing barriers from people’s lives. I joined the Business Circle to be part of the solution. Getting dollars and knowledge into the hands of those who need it helps them over the hump and sets them on a path to financial well-being.”

Before landing at Israel Bonds, Daniel worked at AIPAC, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, and he interned for Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congressman Adam Schiff while in graduate school. Working at Israel Bonds brings together his skills and interests in finance, politics, Judaism, Israel, and nonprofits. It also makes use of his master’s degree in public policy and his bachelor’s degree in modern U.S. history and economics.

Daniel strives to make the process of purchasing and giving bonds as smooth as possible for all concerned. Many of his clients discover that donating bonds to charitable organizations becomes a double mitzvah (good deed). Daniel takes great satisfaction in setting them up to make good financial decisions for themselves, while simultaneously investing in Israel and supporting the charitable causes they believe in. His grandparents would be proud.

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