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Join our conversation with Alex Chuzhoy, Founder & Owner of Alex Chuzhoy Photography and a newer member of the Hebrew Free Loan Business Circle.

Alex reinvented himself more than once since immigrating from Kyiv to San Francisco at the age of 19. His current incarnation as a real estate photographer draws on everything he learned about residential and commercial real estate marketing during his years in that field. Alex works with agents, developers, hoteliers, architects, and interior designers, using his fine art approach to capture the most powerful images he can of each property. A recent job found him shooting the interior and exterior of San Francisco’s legendary Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel, which Alex describes as his photographic Mount Everest.

Click here to watch the video or here to listen to the podcast.

Food for Thought is a series of conversations with experts among our Business Circle community who share insights and expertise from their field.