Meet Katrina and Pascual, who faced a significant drop in income when the coronavirus hit. Katrina is a clinical social worker who had recently started her own therapy practice, and Pascual is a general contractor who owns a construction and hauling business.

Katrina’s practice shrunk when shelter-in-place started and her clients were slow to embrace teletherapy. Pascual’s business dried up completely, and neither Katrina nor Pascual was eligible for unemployment.

They used their savings to get through the first month, but when those were depleted they didn’t know how they were going to manage. They didn’t want to run up high credit card bills, but weren’t sure what other options they had, until a friend told them about Hebrew Free Loan. Katrina and Pascual received an interest-free Coronavirus Impact loan that’s helping them pay their rent, feed their children, and cover their basic business expenses while things slowly reopen.

“It warms my heart to know there’s an organization like Hebrew Free Loan, whose sole purpose is to help people in this way. Once our family got approved for our loan, a huge weight was lifted!

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