Herb and Judy Schmulewicz of Keller Williams Peninsula Estates facilitate the selling, buying and investment of real estate on the San Francisco Peninsula. They work closely with their clients to understand their values and goals, both short and long term, and are passionate about helping others secure their financial futures. Herb followed in the footsteps of his father, a Holocaust survivor, who built a life for his family by investing in real estate.

Herb describes how Judy and he “guide people through the process and help them do some forward thinking. Ensuring that our clients are happy with their decision several years down the road is just as critical to us as ensuring that they have the winning bid.” They strive to look at the big picture, taking into account their clients’ lifestyles and unique needs.

Herb and Judy identify strongly with Hebrew Free Loan’s mission to help people overcome financial challenges and achieve lifelong dreams, from owning their first home to attending college. “The Business Circle provides us with an opportunity to become involved with Hebrew Free Loan, learn from other members, and make some great friends in the community. It’s an interactive ‘think tank’ where people help each other grow their businesses.”

To reach Herb and Judy, call (650) 784-1849 or (650) 515-7854, or email hschmule@yahoo.com.