Sam used to work as a nurse, but seven years ago he was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. He was only in his late 50s, and he faced a future of increasing weakness, paralysis, and ultimately death. Sam and Luda spent much of their savings on a wide range of medical treatments, but the disease continued to progress. Eventually, Luda had to stop working to care for Sam.

Over time the couple has had to make expensive accommodations to their home. A few years ago, they received an interest-free special needs loan from us to install a motorized lift at the front door so Sam could get up and down the stairs. Now they need a wheelchair-accessible van, as Luda can no longer lift Sam into their vehicle. They’ve been approved for an additional special needs loan to cover this essential purchase, which will allow Luda to get Sam to his medical appointments much more easily.

Luda and Sam know that Sam’s condition will continue to deteriorate, but they’re determined to make the most of the time he has left. Our support is helping to give Sam the best quality of life possible, and it’s giving them both the comfort of knowing they’re not facing these challenges alone.

“The community support from Hebrew Free Loan has made all the difference for our family. Since we modified our home, we can get outside and do things together again. We’re active and involved, and we enjoy our life!”

At the end of the day, providing this community safety net is what we do at Hebrew Free Loan, and what we can all do for each other. When we’re in a position to offer a helping hand to others— to put a dollar in the communal pot — we give generously. And we can rest assured that if things change and we need help ourselves, the community will be here for us.

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