Mission Pictures is a video production company which specializes in short documentaries and scripted work for non-profits, small businesses, and corporations. “Our tagline reads Better Films for a Better World, and that pretty much says it all,” describes co-founder Shane King. “Our name comes from the care we give to expressing the genuine mission and heart of our clients. We marry high production values and a deep sensitivity to emotionally compelling stories within a reasonable budget.” In an industry that often creates barriers and puts people on edge, Mission Pictures strives to be accessible, honest, and empathetic.

King and co-founder Arne Johnson teamed up to create the critically acclaimed Girls Rock! documentary in 2007. They soon realized the power of film to effect positive change in the world, and decided to launch Mission Pictures.

King and Johnson were first introduced to Hebrew Free Loan when they produced videos for the agency’s 2013 Circle of Generosity Gala. They were deeply moved by the loan recipients, staff, and lay leaders who shared personal stories for the project. “There aren’t many people who know,” King explains, “as profoundly as we do, after hours and hours of in-depth interviews over several years, the impact that Hebrew Free Loan makes across so many sectors.” As entrepreneurs with a socially conscious cause, joining the Business Circle was the perfect way for Mission Pictures to give back. “From spurring iconic businesses to helping people with fertility challenges bring a child into the world, Hebrew Free Loan has contributed to the community’s fabric immeasurably. We wanted to contribute to the wonderful quilt that Hebrew Free Loan has already woven throughout Northern California,” says King.