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Borrower Stories

Hebrew Free Loan - Interest-free fertility loan

Lior was 43 years old and had been trying to have a baby for seven years when she came to Hebrew Free Loan for

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Hebrew Free Loan - Med Students in Israel
Med Students in Israel

When the sirens woke each of them early in the morning on October 7, 2023, Arielle and Neta both had trouble understanding what was going on. They’ve been attending medical school in Israel for two years…

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Hebrew Free Loan provides the story of Irina Gorelik.
Irina Gorelik

Irina Gorelik, who immigrated from Ukraine as a young woman, is a single mother raising three young boys on her earnings as an in-home

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Jonathan sometimes can’t believe he’s even alive, let alone starting his third year of medical school at UC Davis. He came from Mexico with

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Elizabeth Boner Hebrew Free Loan
Elizabeth Boner

Elizabeth Boner has been an educator her entire adult life, and she always assumed that owning a home in the Bay Area was out

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