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Borrower Stories

stephanie stone and bill schwartz hebrew free loan
Stephanie Stone & Bill Schwartz

When Stephanie Stone and Bill Schwartz came to us for help, they owed $47,000 in student loans that Stephanie had taken out 30 years

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emma and alan southworth hebrew free loan
Emma & Alan Southworth

Emma Krasovich and Alan Southworth were each a few years out of college, living in New York City, when they met on a dating

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Tyler Karow Hebrew Free Loan
Tyler Karow

It didn’t take Tyler Karow long, once he finished at University of Southern California, to figure out that he was going to have to

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gabriana and jude marks
Gabriana Marks & Jude Marks

When Gabriana Marks and her mother Jude Marks came to Hebrew Free Loan for help last summer, they were at a low point. Over

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Ariel Toran

Ariel Toran was born in Jerusalem but grew up in San Francisco’s Fillmore District, where he saw poverty and injustice cause a great deal

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