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The immigration process is complex. The immigration process is complex. One misstep along the way – one misfiled paper – and you’re back to the beginning. Alex and his fiancé had spent more than $15,000 in immigration attorneys’ fees. It had been more than two years, and they were no closer to a successful resolution of their matter then when they were when they first started.

They came to Hebrew Free Loan to borrow money to pay for a new attorney. “Hebrew Free Loan really stepped up in an emergency for us,” Alex said. “The loan process was very do-able.” Moreover, Alex had no trouble convincing his guarantors to participate. “The reputation that Hebrew Free Loan has in the community made it easy to convince them. My co-signers felt very secure guaranteeing our loan because it was coming from Hebrew Free Loan.”

Alex’s experience with Hebrew Free Loan took some of the stress out of this very difficult situation. “I was so relieved when we got the loan,” Alex added, “And my fiancée thinks I’m a big hero. We still have a while to wait until the good news is final, but thanks to Hebrew Free Loan, we’re on solid ground legally and really moving forward.”

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