Russian refugees Stas and Albina worked hard to build a new life in the United States. They each got jobs as translators and, eventually, they were able to buy a house. But when it came time to start a family, unfortunately, things did not come so easily. Albina and Stas learned that they would need costly fertility treatments. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) can cost roughly $15,000.

With a mortgage to pay, suddenly having a family seemed out of reach. Then Stas remembered hearing about Hebrew Free Loan from a friend who had gotten help years before. Stas reached out and right away he knew he had found the answer. “From the very beginning, Hebrew Free Loan offered a personal touch,” Stas said. “They found the time to have coffee with us to learn about our situation. We felt like they really wanted to get to know us.”

From there, Stas and Albina were amazed at the “financial, emotional and moral generosity” they found at Hebrew Free Loan. They received a loan through Hebrew Free Loan’s simple application process. And now they have not one, but two beautiful children.

Stas and Albina know that Hebrew Free Loan doesn’t invest for financial return—it invests in something much more meaningful: strengthening the community and changing lives. “My wife and I felt uplifted from our first meeting with Hebrew Free Loan. We knew they were there to help. We have them to thank for our family.”

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