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Zusya Career Coaching helps people clarify their career goals and direction. Founder Alice Harron explains, “We help clients transform the way they think about their skill set to draw out their key talents. We then guide clients to develop strategy and obtain career goals.”

Zusya’s approach is grounded in 25 years of successful corporate and consulting experience. “We focus on the client’s belief system, mindset, and background to ensure a successful career transition. We help each client showcase how their talent and experience will add value for employers and clients.”

Harron first learned about Hebrew Free Loan in the aftermath of the North Bay fires. She was moved that the agency was providing interest-free loans to help with rebuilding and recovery, and immediately made her first donation. Harron later attended Hebrew Free Loan’s Business Circle Luncheon, where she was so inspired by stories of the agency’s impact on past loan recipients that she joined the Business Circle herself.

Why Zusya? The name originates from Rabbi Zusya, a luminary of the 18th century, who taught about the importance of being one’s best possible self and fulfilling one’s purpose. “People get distracted by comparing themselves with others, instead of focusing on their unique talents and striving to reach their highest potential,” says Harron. “Rabbis say we cannot ever reach the absolute maximum, but we want to aim to extract the most we possibly can. I embrace this philosophy with each of my clients.”

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