Angie Doctor is a talented jazz musician and vocal teacher, with a long list of accomplishments. Her resume includes a stint as “The Girl” in The Bobs, a well-known a cappella group, many award-winning performances, and teaching assignments at Jazz School Berkeley, the California Jazz Conservancy, and Ruth Osawa School of the Arts in San Francisco. She’s also faced numerous financial struggles over the years, as a free-lance musician and a single mother.

When Angie first came to Hebrew Free Loan, she had embarked on an ambitious plan to get out of debt once and for all. An interest-free debt consolidation loan helped her pay off much of the high-interest credit card debt that had accumulated during those difficult years. It also improved her credit score enough to qualify her for lower interest rates on her remaining debt.

A few years later, Angie was in a solid enough position to consider going back to graduate school for a teaching credential. It would improve her long-term prospects and qualify her for a better paid, more secure position at School of the Arts. But the idea of taking on more student loan debt was daunting. Angie turned again to Hebrew Free Loan for assistance.

“Thanks to Hebrew Free Loan, I can study for my teaching credential without the worry of high-interest debt,” says Angie. “The interest-free loans I received have lifted an enormous weight from my shoulders. The future looks bright!”

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