Two weeks before Hurricane Harvey, Milly Dunn was admitted to the hospital and had to have emergency surgery that left her unable to walk.  Milly’s husband, Kerry, was at home with their dog when the hurricane hit. As the water levels in their house began to increase, Kerry put the dog in a Tupperware, so that the dog could float. Kerry left the house and had to be rescued. Their house was completely flooded and they lost everything.

Milly was released from the hospital two weeks later in a wheelchair. They were overwhelmed medical bills, a mortgage, rent for their temporary apartment, and a new reality. They needed a new home that could withstand floods and was also accessible for Milly. They began to rebuild their home 6 feet above ground, and made up to ADA standards – all of which had a higher price than what insurance would cover.

Milly had seen an ad for Hebrew Free Loan Association. They quickly received a loan, with kindness and a helping hand. “We’re extremely grateful for this lifeline at such a hard time in our lives,” Milly and Kerry reflect. “We felt so taken care of by the community.” They are currently rebuilding their home, and hope to move in very soon.