Not so many years ago, Paul Kletser was a high school senior who couldn’t quite see his way forward. He wasn’t drawn to a traditional college education, and he wasn’t sure what to do instead. Now he’s 25 and has just opened Euro Paddock, a specialized auto repair and custom fabrication shop in Santa Clara that he co-owns with a friend, Erik Haccou. Although Covid-19 could easily have derailed their plans, an interest-free business loan from Hebrew Free Loan helped them move forward despite the pandemic.

Cars have been Paul’s passion for as long as he can remember. His parents took him to car shows when he was young, and his first job was at a car audio store, installing sound systems. Later he interned at several auto body shops, and eventually he enrolled in an intensive program at De Anza College to earn an A.A. degree and a certificate in automotive technology.

Hebrew Free Loan also helped Paul get started with his automotive studies, offering him an interest-free student loan to purchase the expensive tool set each student was required to own. He completed that program a couple of years ago and was working at a car repair shop in San Bruno, when he and Erik decided to take a chance on their own vision. Soon enough, Euro Paddock was a reality.

“None of this would have been possible without Hebrew Free Loan. Their interest-free student and business loans helped me find my path and propelled my career in an upward trajectory. I feel great about the future!”

Paul and Erik specialize in custom fabrications for European cars, helping their clients achieve the cars of their dreams. They also offer the full range of standard automotive services, such as repair and diagnostics, maintenance, and pre-purchase inspections, and are trained to work on most Japanese cars as well as European brands.

You can see examples of their custom work on Instagram. These two young men, who used to get in trouble for working on cars in their driveways, are now proud businessmen who have turned their passion into a living.

The support Paul received from Hebrew Free Loan has deepened his connection to Judaism and inspired him to learn more about the Jewish values and teachings that form the foundation of our interest-free lending. He’s grateful to be part of this community that is driven not by profit but by being there for each other and doing what’s right.

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