In 1998 Robert Goldman was recently married and just back from three years on an Israeli kibbutz. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, but knew it wasn’t insurance anymore (his occupation before he went to Israel). So he took a job in property management at the apartment complex where he and his then-wife lived.

Twenty-two years later, Robert is President of the entire operation, managing a team of 125 people at Cambridge Management Company, which owns and operates residential and commercial properties throughout the Bay Area, from Walnut Creek to Campbell. It’s a perfect match for Robert, who — like the company’s owner — is motivated by doing what’s right, not just what’s profitable.

During the pandemic, Cambridge Management Company has committed to stand by both its residents and its employees. They are not evicting those who can’t pay rent because of Covid, nor will they charge late fees or send anyone to collections. They take a cooperative approach, engaging residents in a conversation about when they’ll be able to make up what they owe.

By the same token, they’re not laying off any employees or reducing payroll, despite millions of outstanding rent collections. And whenever someone on his team has a death in the family, Robert makes sure that Cambridge Management Company donates to Hebrew Free Loan in memory of the deceased.

In addition to being a long-time donor to Hebrew Free Loan, Robert has also served as a guarantor on loans. He joined the Business Circle to further support our mission of assisting individuals throughout the community become and remain self-sufficient.

Robert would rather teach someone to fish than give them a fish. In other words, he sees value in giving them an interest-free loan they can use to improve their circumstances, rather than giving them a handout that will soon be gone. Since loans are paid back over time and then recycled to help others, it’s a win-win situation all the way around.

One of Robert’s favorite ways to give back is by offering assistance to Hebrew Free Loan recipients who face problems with their housing. He’s helped more than one loan recipient find a secure place to live, for which they’re very grateful. It’s not always easy to obtain housing in the Bay Area, and housing — with a capital “H” — is exactly what Robert has access to through Cambridge Management Company … yet another win-win situation.

“Housing is very personal to me. It’s extremely gratifying to help someone find secure housing. The Hebrew Free Loan Business Circle gives me an avenue to do that for my Jewish community.”

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