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Steve Grau and his family emigrated from Ukraine in 1989, arriving in San Francisco with $80 to their name. Check out our conversation with Steve to hear about his journey from immigrant to successful entrepreneur. He’s the founder and CEO of Royal Ambulance and a long-time member of Hebrew Free Loan’s Business Circle. With the help of an interest-free business loan from Hebrew Free Loan, he’s grown the company into the Bay Area’s leading non-emergency medical service.

Steve became interested in health care when he took a hands-on role caring for his grandfather after a series of debilitating strokes. Witnessing how emotional support impacted physical healing, he was inspired to leave the tech industry to start an ambulance service that would make sure patients were not only safe and comfortable, but also had a positive, uplifting experience. Steve has built the company by focusing on workforce development — hiring people who are driven to help others and putting them in a position to succeed.

Click HERE for the video and HERE for the podcast version of Steve’s talk.

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