hurricane harvey relief

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the state of Texas on Aug 25, 2017. Over the next five days, it dropped a year’s worth of rain over Houston. Many were saved from their flooded homes with nothing more than the shirts on their backs. As the extent of the damage became clear, we reached out to our colleagues at the Hebrew Free Loan Association of Houston to offer assistance. Within days of the hurricane, seven organizations came together to establish a $250,000 emergency loan fund to help Houston’s Jewish community recover from the devastation.

Here are some of the moving stories of people whose lives were turned upside down by Hurricane Harvey. With support from our Northern California community and the Jewish Free Loan community across the country, these families have made it through the worst and are looking toward the future.


Hurricane Harvey: One Year Later

Watch this short video and hear stories of some of the individuals who were helped by the emergency loan fund established at Hebrew Free

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Ramit & Rafi’s Story

When Hurricane Harvey hit, Ramit Plushnick-Masti and her husband Rafi told their three sons to pack a small bag of their most important possessions.

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Roee’s Story

Roee Hasson is an Israeli father of three whose home was completely flooded in Hurricane Harvey. The Hassons were away from Houston on a

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Milly & Kerry’s Story

Two weeks before Hurricane Harvey, Milly Dunn was admitted to the hospital and had to have emergency surgery that left her unable to walk.

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Irene’s Story

Irene Podlubny immigrated to the US from Russia in 1984. Irene lived with her husband and sons in the Energy Corridor, a neighborhood on

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