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Eric Benhamou, Benhamou Global Ventures
January 14, 2022

Join Eric Benhamou in thinking about the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and immigration. Eric is the former CEO of 3Com & Palm Computing (makers of the

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January 22, 2022

Back in 1897, the directive to charge no interest inspired the community leaders who founded Hebrew Free Loan to help others become and remain self-sufficient. Mishpatim is the foundation of Hebrew Free Loan…

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Maya Katz-Ali
January 10, 2022

Maya Katz-Ali is a multicultural Jew in every sense of the word, from her heritage to her experiences to her values. Maya is conversant

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Karen and Dale
December 20, 2021

Karen and Dale received an interest-free loan from us in 2018 to turn the downstairs of their home in the Santa Cruz Mountains into a

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Ariane and Rachel
December 16, 2021

Ariane and Rachel are already excited for their annual Hanukkah party next year. They’ll be cooking 300 latkes from scratch in the kitchen of

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