Our Business Circle mobilizes local business owners to help Jewish entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. Periodically we highlight those business owners here. Enjoy!

Ben Shemano, Ben Shemano Jewelry

Ben Shemano Jewelry is a San Francisco-based jewelry dealer specializing in estate and custom jewelry. Founded by Ben Shemano in 2013, the company buys

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Herb and Judy Schmulewicz, Keller Williams Peninsula Estates

Herb and Judy Schmulewicz of Keller Williams Peninsula Estates facilitate the selling, buying and investment of real estate on the San Francisco Peninsula. They work closely

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David Blatteis, Blatteis Realty

Blatteis Realty is a full-service brokerage company specializing in office and retail leasing. Founded in San Francisco in 1922, the company covers the complete

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Steve Zimmerman, Restaurant Realty Company

Steve Zimmerman traces his ties to the restaurant industry – and to Hebrew Free Loan – all the way back to the World War

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Greg Rovner, Heally

Heally is an online telemedicine and marketplace platform which connects patients to doctors and cannabis-based medical products. Heally’s peer-to-peer model efficiently provides patients with the

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