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Adoption loans provide assistance to individuals or couples seeking to cover the costs of international or domestic adoptions. Adoption is a life-changing experience and a source of great joy. It can also be expensive, especially for new families and young adoptive parents. Hebrew Free Loan can help by providing interest-free adoption loans to those hoping to use the adoption process to start or grow their families.

If you’re concerned about meeting our loan requirements, we still encourage you to apply and discuss your situation with your loan officer. Review our Guarantor FAQs here.

What expenses are covered?  The adoption loan can cover adoption fees, legal fees (such as compiling an international adoption dossier), travel expenses, clothes, and other expenses related to the adoption process.

How are the funds disbursed? Typically, the full loan amount is given to the borrower upfront, and the borrower begins repaying the loan within 30 days upon loan disbursement.

How long does an adoption loan last (repayment)? It depends on the loan amount, but as example, for the maximum $20,000 loan the monthly repayment is $480 for 42 months.

What additional information will I need to provide? Evaluation of the applicant’s ability to repay must consider the added expenses that will be incurred in raising a child. The applicants must provide evidence that they’ve passed a home study evaluation, but Hebrew Free Loan does not get involved with the adoption process itself.

Hebrew Free Loan’s Model

Hebrew Free Loan is based on principles found in the Torah, in which we are commanded not to derive personal benefit — i.e. not to charge interest — when we lend money to assist those in need. Click here to watch a short video about Parashat Mishpatim, the Torah section that contains these teachings.

We’ve proven the success of our model with a repayment rate of over 99.5%. That’s the beauty of interest-free lending. As loans are repaid, funds are recycled to make new loans. Many loan recipients also participate in our Full Circle Club, in which former borrowers pay forward the help they received by donating to Hebrew Free Loan to help the next person in need.

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