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Ukraine Assistance

Interest-free Ukraine Assistance Loans up to $20,000

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Ukraine Assistance loans are available to assist family and friends who are still in Ukraine, fleeing to safety, or in the process of resettlement. These funds are available to Jewish residents of Northern California and to non-Jewish employees of local Jewish organizations who need help to support their loved ones amidst this devastating conflict.

Funds may be used for food, housing, transportation, or other humanitarian needs caused by the war in Ukraine. Select Disaster Relief on our application form, and a loan officer will work with you to see how we can be most helpful.

Questions? Contact Valerie at (415) 546-9902 x110 or info@hflasf.org. Loans can be turned around within days, if necessary.

Hebrew Free Loan’s Model

Hebrew Free Loan is based on principles found in the Torah, in which we are commanded not to derive personal benefit — i.e. not to charge interest — when we lend money to assist those in need. Click here to watch a short video about Parashat Mishpatim, the Torah section that contains these teachings.

We’ve proven the success of our model with a repayment rate of over 99.5%. That’s the beauty of interest-free lending. As loans are repaid, funds are recycled to make new loans. Many loan recipients also participate in our Full Circle Club, in which former borrowers pay forward the help they received by donating to Hebrew Free Loan to help the next person in need.

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