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Disaster Relief

Get help with immediate needs or longer-term recovery costs related to a natural disaster. Loans can be turned around within days. Assistance includes:

EMERGENCY LOANS: Up to $3,000 in immediate support, to help with short-term loss of income or to get by until insurance or FEMA kicks in.

What types of disasters typically qualify for a disaster relief loan from Hebrew Free Loan of San Francisco?  We offer loans for wildfires, earthquakes, drought, tornadoes, hurricanes, severe storms and floods.  Contact us for other types of disasters to see if they qualify.

GENERAL NEEDS LOANS: Up to $20,000 for fire-related losses not covered by insurance or other relief sources: short-term rentals, home repairs, replacing a car, clothing, or furniture, etc.

HOMEBUYER LOANS: Up to $25,000 for those who have lost their homes and need help to rebuild or buy a new home. Loans cover construction costs, moving expenses, closing costs, appliances, furniture, and more. We typically offer these loans only to first-time homebuyers, but we are extending this support to those rebuilding their lives after a natural disaster.

BUSINESS LOANS: Up to $20,000 to help small business owners rebuild their businesses. Loans may help with damages to physical property, loss of inventory, temporary loss of business income, and other needs not covered by insurance.

UNEMPLOYMENT LOANS: Up to $15,000 for people who have lost their jobs or are unable to work due to the fires. These loans provide up to $2,500 per month for up to six months. Loan repayments will be deferred until three months after getting a new job or, if unemployment continues, nine months after the first loan disbursement.

Loan amounts above are general guidelines; amounts may vary. If you’re unsure what loan type to apply for, select the one that seems like the best fit. A loan officer will work with you to figure out what type of loan will be most helpful.

Feel free to call us at (415) 546-9902 x110 before you apply, if you have questions.

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