$5.9 million for COVID-19 loans!  CLICK HERE

Coronavirus Impact

Up to $20,000

$5.9 million available for interest-free loans to help with financial hardships related to Covid-19. Loans offered to Jewish individuals throughout Northern California and to all employees of Northern California Jewish organizations (regardless of religion). Loans can assist with needs such as: rent & mortgage payments • food, insurance, & child care • property taxes • small business expenses.

Loan amounts up to $20,000, repayment schedules vary. Click orange button below to apply. We can turn loans around in a matter of days, when needed. Questions? Contact Aimee at (415) 546-9902 x110 or info@hflasf.org.

Review our Guarantor FAQs here, including special guarantor policies for Coronavirus Impact loans.

Click here for our new Covid-19 Resource Guide to see additional resources.

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